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Cédrik Bardavid finds stimulation in discovering new cities and names being raised by a French father as a large part of his identity. Quick to laugh, he brings an easy-going disposition, as well as a robust comprehension of renovation as he influences all aspects of the design-build platform of SABOKO.

As a former National Account Manager, he is most at ease when balancing input from both hemispheres of his brain and enjoys approaching design both conceptually and analytically.

Prior to owning SABOKO, Cédrik developed a strong interest in painting and fine arts as he found them to be a fascinating approach to communication. His sensitivity to color and creativity led him to start noticing how different spaces made him feel; sparking his own interest in design.

Amplified by the people and cultures he has encountered while traveling, his empathetic nature has encouraged him to explore how design ultimately shapes life experiences.

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