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ABOUT: About Me

Sabrina Okoeguale has designed several residential and commercial interiors. Though her interiors are typically clean and uncluttered, she is comfortable working in a variety of styles, guided by her clients’ individual needs, tastes and preferences. Her design process is pragmatic as well as creative and conceptual. 

At the beginning of each project, Sabrina's goal is to ensure that the fundamental design and materials are classic, long lasting, and appropriate to the building and its period. She enjoys layering fresh, contemporary elements such as lighting, furniture, and carefully curated decorative elements. 

Sabrina has a passion for organization and strong storage solutions which creates the illusion of minimal interiors as everything has a place. At the start of her career, she worked primarily with individuals suffering from chronic disorganization, also known as hoarding. Her proven ability to successfully transform an impressive amount of cluttered spaces cultivated her strong understanding of spatial analytics which plays a strong role in her design aesthetic.

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