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Please email images of the following to

to determine the cost of your project. 

- Areas that need to be de-cluttered and/or organized

- Closets and storage areas (attic, basement, garage, pantry, shed etc.)

- Panoramic style images of each room in the home or commercial space 

The ability to see and utilize the entire scope of a space allows me to create comprehensive, functional and expansive systems that focus on consolidating and appropriately using space so storage areas are not overwhelmed and the end result is cohesive  -- thus creating a 

very streamlined look.


Please include if possible : 

- Architectural style/Dwelling type or year the home was built (ex. Apartment, Art Deco, Bungalow, Condo, Colonial, Contemporary, Cottage, Craftsman, Mediterranean, Mid Century Modern, Ranch style, Townhouse etc.)

- Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

- Square Footage

* In-person consultations also available. Please inquire. ​

Thank You!

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