Cedrik and Sabrina’s work is top notch and the product of  SABOKO’s work is both top notch, and excellent, as well as functional. From concept to conception, they have worked with commercial construction companies and countless residential spaces. Their way of spatial design, placement and use of color, along with functionality is remarkable. I am indeed, very impressed with the work that was done for me and it started with much sorting, purging the old and having faith and trust in their vision, (which included all of my input), and then being blown away by the final product. The organization of it was superb. They would not stop until it was to their perfection. I can’t say enough great things about the SABOKO company! They are both such nice people on top of it like icing on a cake! Thank you again SABOKO!! Five out of five stars!!! I highly recommend. 🙏😀

I love Cedrik and Sabrina's design. It is very clean and almost spiritually done.

Sabrina has been a godsend for my home. I spoke to several companies and they all wanted to rush over to my house. Sabrina was the only person to ask me questions about what I thought we needed help with and what I hoped to accomplish. She was also the only person to ask me for pictures beforehand. I feel like we had established a game plan on the phone before she even arrived. Initially I thought I only needed someone for one or two days to help with storage solutions and our basement... but after the first day it became evident we needed to restructure the entire home to create one grand mechanism that was cohesive in every room. She ended up coming 10 days. She was very good at not overwhelming me and she was very patient. She understood my attachments and was able to present design and storage solutions without overwhelming me. She didn’t just reconfigure and redesign our home... she helped me change the way I think about accumulating things and to formulate a clear vision of how I want my space to look. This has been instrumental for us to keep up the work she did in our home. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her... I feel she elevated the experience from a task I was avoiding to something I looked forward to each day before she arrived.

Bahar S.

I am a busy mother to three young boys. Marco is 4, Charles is 2 and Maximilian is a year. While trying to balance a busy work and home life, my house constantly looked like a tornado of toys. I needed to open up space within my home, styling, storage and most importantly toy control. Sabrina came as a referral from my mom. After seeing the magic she created at my mothers house I couldn't wait to get started. Sabrina's first solution was to purge unessential items. I had so many things that I didn't need and never realized how blind I was to all of the clutter. The first day we had 5 bags of trash and 7 bags of donations!!! I got rid of several things the boys no longer had use for like outgrown clothing and toys that they no longer played with. I had gotten into the habit of saving my oldest sons clothes and shoes for my youngest son but Sabrina helped me identify items worth keeping. I also didn't realize how much letting go would create more mental clarity in addition to the extra space I had. The environment immediately felt more relaxed. Sabrina was brilliant in her ideas, she created long term solutions that I would have never thought of. She was understanding and non-judgemental and did not make me feel embarrassed about my situation. I am very happy with the end results. The toy storage solutions create a less chaotic home for my sons. The systems are very child friendly and teaches my sons structure and order. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND FOR MOMS! P.S. She is an ex-nanny and amazing with kids! :)

Malia C.

I am so focused on staying organized in my professional life, that sometimes neglect keeping my personal effects as organized. Small tasks begin to pile up, and usually I have to spend several full days re-organizing just to feel at home in my own apartment. I thought maybe I could benefit from an outsider's perspective and a new eye to help me de-clutter my space. I came across Sabrina through a friend. I couldn't be happier after hiring her. She is a bright, friendly, young woman who is the first person I've talked to that really understood the paradox of wanting to be organized without expecting me to throw out all my possessions. She helped walk me through my goals and what was the best method in which to achieve them. Sabrina's strength is in her ability to blend her friendliness with her professionalism that really allowed me to put my mind at ease and let her do her job. She is confident and able in her focus, while also being easy to talk to. After working with her, I would gladly recommend her to any one of my friends who might be in need of assistance in re-organizing their personal or work space.

Matt D.

I hired SABOKO March of 2018 to unpack, organize and design a penthouse that I had just moved into. I was entering a new stage of my life where my daughter had just moved out and I would be living alone again for the first time in years. I was nervous and excited about my new life and knew that I wanted a clean state. After vetting several designers, I was relieved to come across Sabrina who actually had a website and defined aesthetic. I really liked the idea of purging and starting anew and was ready to embrace a more minimal, organized life. I sent her several images of my home to make the process more efficient and was really pleased with her quote. She exceeded my expectations and was surprised at how easily I adapted to this new lifestyle.

Anuja Sharfman 

I moved to a very large Colonial style home with my husband and two little ones. I was very excited about the open layout concept that would give my children the opportunity to play freely indoors but struggled to maintain the wide open space without constant clutter from the accumulation of toys. It seemed like the open layout was a lot more difficult to maintain than our previous smaller condo and I was completely out of ideas on how I could maintain the openness without the permanent pollution of toys and miscellaneous items. SABOKO came as a reference from a colleague. I was initially apprehensive as it never occurred to me to hire a professional and I was doubtful as to what could be created for me that I had not already thought of doing myself. Sabrina blew me away with her smart design techniques. She implemented discreet storage systems that were easy to maintain and designated certain areas of our home for specific use and storage. Sabrina basically partitioned our home in a way to make it more multi-purpose which combated the reoccurring overflow of everything from toys, mail, shoes, and paperwork which was famously the case before. I would highly recommend for anyone who needs to get organized, de-clutter or streamline their home. 

Ellie M. 

I recently worked with Sabrina on organizing my studio space. I had an idea of what I wanted my space to look like but struggled to make it a reality on my own. After consulting with Sabrina, she provided me with great recommendations and a timeline of completion that worked with both of our schedules. Not only did she exceed my expectations, she provided me progress updates throughout the transformation process. I would highly recommend Sabrina! Not only does she take pride in her work but she left me feeling more confident about my studio space. She has outstanding communication, professional, highly organized and most of all, very kind. I would highly recommend Sabrina and look forward to working with her on future projects

Kiana B.

Sabrina was hired to organize a barbershop that I manage in DTLA. Both myself and the owner were very impressed with her willingness to make drastic change by transforming the shop and making our lives easier. She does a great job at consolidating inventory and making it easily accessible. She's also diligent about labeling and storing items in a very neat fashion. She helped us cut costs by organizing in a way to help us know exactly what we have in stock and the quantity. Sabrina routinely checks in and provides maintenance when needed. She is supportive, caring and has the right kind of OCD. I'd recommend her for other businesses or anyone who has large space with huge quantities of stuff. She excels at making stuff look pretty

Daniel T.

Sabrina has a very unique approach to organization & space. When I initially worked with her, I was apprehensive about her DIE HARD grouping technique. Her intense categorization of  "like items" was very foreign to me and immediately created resistance on my end. I was more concerned with the BIG PICTURE. Sabrina's methodical approach rooted in the need to take EVERYTHING apart proved to be life changing especially when I became sick. I was relocated to a hospital for several months and was able to easily locate everything I needed remotely. I would send my assistant to my home where I could instruct him on the placement of certain items, quantity etc.

Yael S. 

Two years ago I got divorced from my wife of 12 years. My life became a mess. I realized that I needed structure and was at a very difficult point in my life of unpredictability and loneliness. Sabrina was referred to me by a good friend. She was instrumental in helping me to live alone again comfortably and confidently. She facilitated my entire relocation from the home I shared with my ex wife and enabled me to let go of items from my past and marriage that no longer served me. Sabrina unpacked, organized and designed my new home. Her approach to the importance of organization encouraged me to make important lifestyle changes that I follow to this day. I would highly recommend.

Uri B.

Three years ago I hired Sabrina to convert my 4-car garage into a creative work space. Using her unique gift of spatial analysis, she transformed a drab garage into a stylish, beautiful multifunctional space. Sabrina is very unconventional, creative, communicative and professional. I regularly refer her to friends and family and continue to hire her for all design and spatial planning work.

Lee B.